Jessica Alba wears onexONETEASPOON (13399 Sahara Leopard Pant) SALES

Rumor Willis wears onexONETEASPOON (13892T Superman Bodice) SALES 3


STAR SPOTTING! Jessica Alba and Rumor Willis in ONE TEASPOON! With completely different looks these celebs wear their own styles well! Jessica Alba seen sporting her ONE TEASPOON SAHARA PANT-- one of the most comfortable pants you will find yourself matching up with outfits--perfect pant to stay fashionable on a road trip!-- Just a little hint for all you readers don't miss out on these ONE TEASPOON SAHARA PANT as there is limited stock and its on MAJOR SALE! Do yourself a favor and treat yourselves to this comfy number! Next, Rumor Willis dives into style while taking in rays as she strutted her stuff with her ONE TEASPOON EAGLE SHADOW BIKINI TOP-- caged up cut out details brings sex-appeal to a simple bikini top-- while she mismatched with a colorful bottom to change it up. ALL found at yours truly, SPLASH

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