Tan Lines Ahead!

Tan lines are nothing to be ashamed of, especially if developed while wearing a Maya Swimwear bikini.

Celeb-favorite brand Maya Swimwear was designed to flatter a woman's natural curves and inspire confidence while on. Maya Swimwear steers away from the larger American-style suits and from the tiny Brazilian cuts and creates very beautiful and unique pieces that are oh-so-sexy, yet practical. Maya has a lower cut, wider and more flexible fit that allows freedom on the sands, but definitely makes heads turn. The different cuts flatter different body types, making it perfect for all women who yearn for that glamorous perfect bathing suit. The tops come in a variety of shapes like triangle, bandeau and ruffled, while the bottoms come ruched or accentuated with a side tie.

Maya swimsuits come in a variety of vibrant colors and gorgeous prints inspired by the most beautiful tropical places in the world. Maya's summer

2011 collection is inspired by exotic escapes like Bimini, Jamaica, Saona, Angel Cay, Moraine, Samana, and Aruba. The summer collection is a jaw-dropping, eye-catching collection that features the most vibrant colors and patterns that are impeccable and detail infused. Wear each piece with confidence and just have fun with it-- guaranteed you look stunning.


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