Lauren Moshi

This isn't for the faint of heart.

Lauren Moshi has meticulously invaded the hearts of fashion mavens everywhere. Lauren Moshi combines her two passions of high fashion and fine art to create looks that are one of a kind. Moshi brings to life the chicest, most comfortable pieces that can be worn everyday and make a fierce statement. She uses the highest quality materials and fabrics to create her bold, unique, and very versatile line. Her current collection consists of fabulous tanks, tees, and hoodies, which are adorned with fabulous art from dream catchers and mermaids to peace signs and butterflies.

Her latest collection is edgier than ever with the use of brighter colors and designs that are just way to funky and fun for words. With prints such as Hang Loose, Harlow Dream Catcher and Matchstick Hearts, one can only imagine the kind of fun you can have with these funky frocks. These trendy, must-have t-shirts and cape tees are absolutely perfect for the summer. Express your inner artist wearing one of these bad boys.

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