If you've never gotten a pair of wedge booties, you're in for a treat. Think of the perfect combination between beyond comfortable and stylish all wrapped up into one shoe -- crazy I know -- but they are definitely not just a season must-have but as well as a just plain and simple must-have! Take it from New York street sass style or even all celebrities around.  Look at stars Lindsay Lohan and Hilary duff spotted wearing our IRO DAITHY BOOTIE in grey both using the bootie with different styles. And DONT miss out on our IRO DETHRO BOOTIE -- one of my personal favorites -- gives any outfit a lift to the next level without overdressing it with a high heel, and with a guarantee to never complain about your feet hurting! AND GUESS WHAT? Here at SPLASH we have our IRO BOOTIES on SALE! Do yourself a favor and get a pair of IRO life-time good shoes. Found at yours truly, SPLASH















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