I'm sure I probably don't need to introduce you to THREE FLOOR Fashion but just in case, THREE FLOOR is a fashion brand breaking the limits for affordable design inspired by street sass and retro effortless style. Main picture is THREE FLOOR dress Back to Black, this piece oozes out nothing but complete class and elegance. The nude color with black lace combined is a forever statement that will never go out of trend, so without a doubt this dress stands out as a must-have piece that will always be appropriate. Blogger Blonde Salad was spotted wearing two designs from THREE FLOOR and like a true fashionista she does the looks right! These two pieces can be so versatile to complete daytime slouch-chic trend with flats, better yet with fly sneaks, or high sky heels for a girls night out on the town and look naturally stylish. Blonde Salad was wearing THREE FLOOR White Out dress that sits right off the shoulder giving a tad of innocence to modish style. And a rare touch, that at times can be hard to find with dresses, IT HAS POCKETS...MUST I REPEAT GIRLS' IT HAS POCKETS!! WHO DOESN'T LOVE THAT?? With moving on to the next look, who can ever deny a jumpsuit, and THREE FLOOR's Sky High Jumpsuit is no different. Adorable sweetheart neckline cut and bold gold zipper side pockets with a synched waist makes this jumpsuit a sure catch, you will walk the streets with confidence. We love all these looks, you can find them all at Shop Splash!

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