trend-burgundy-lipstick-met-gala1plumFall season is here, so put your baby pinks and blues to the side ladies; dark is back and looking o' so good. Time to bring out the gloomy and dimmer colors for makeup and nails, and we all know it can undeniably hold as its own accessory. Using darker colors gives outfits a sultry and vivacious hint, it allows your "look" to be taken to the next level with a tweak of "feisty" for every fashion moment. This seasons' color must haves are plum and burgundy; they're the perfect dark without taking it to extreme black. You can do so many diverse things with makeup, from colors to styles, so get creative! Celebrities are already loving these colors and wearing them proudly such as Rihanna, Kate Bosworth, Megan Fox, Lana del Rey, and so many more! Here are  some photos to see how they used the look. Go out and buy a wine-colored lipstick, you wont regret it!

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