Crotchet Swimwear

If it has not come to your attention yet, crochet swimwear has made the ultimate comeback as our favorite celebrities (from Candice Swanenpol to the Kardashians) are making bold statements in theirs. Although the last time you probably recall wearing a crochet bikini, you were around five years old, this summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the reinvented, retro trend. Even though it may sound ironic, it’s time to update your bikini collection with a throwback. The crochet look will give you that Coachella vibe without having to leave your backyard. Whether you are going for a colorful, vibrant bikini to not only make a statement while poolside but also under a sheer or revealing top to show off the bright colors or a simple monochromatic yet boldly cut kini to keep it simple, we have you covered. Let’s start with the, the Mediterranean Bikini, is a pastel colored crochet bikini that’s sure to say “wow” with its skimpy bottom and flattering cuts. Similarly, the Capri Bikini, the Zara Bikini Top, will bring out your summer glow and match perfectly with any pair of chic beach pants to create the ideal beach, lounge look. Now, if you’re going for a more sporty 70’s look, the Curacao Bikini Top with its cutouts and zig-zag, colorful print, may be your best bet (even our favorite Bikini beach babe, Tash Oakley had to have it!). The Fleur Bikini top also gives off the vibrant look with the gold fabric surrounded with colorful  “it” crochet. Because the crochet bikini look is a very 70’s fad, why not combine another trend of the time, the halter top. The Dream Catcher Halter is a blush color with intricate floral knit detail. This bikini creates a total throwback look but will unquestionably cause a beach riot today! These must-have bikinis never fail to emphasize and flatter your curves with their figure hugging material (best of both worlds, huh?) So….. if you don’t or  -  if you already do have a crochet bikini -  (because you can never have enough) it’s time to go get one (or a few!)

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