Alexis Pre Fall '15

Pre Fall '15 If Vogue says it, the “it” must be true, right? And according to them, nothing says spring-summer like white lace. This spring, runways were crawling with the delicate, ornate fabric. Much thanks to the Alexis Clothing Pre Fall ’15 line, and Splash boutique, options are endless this summer. No matter the event- bbq soiree, or nighttime nuptial- Alexis has the perfect ensemble for you.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, designer Alexis Barbara debuted her first collection in 2008. Her contemporary designs have defined, in the best way possible, what it means to be "Miami chic". Initially, Alexis made her mark with her infamous “Alexis pants” which featured bold prints, and an even bolder flair. From then on, her empire continued to grow into the well known and prestigious brand it is today. This latest collection sets a whole new standard, pushing new boundaries and redefining summer fashion.

In contrast to the previous Alexis lines, this Pre Fall ’15 collection takes a rather architectural approach, featuring an impeccable balance of fit and flair details by mode of accentuated sleeves, skirts, shorts and more. Fit and flair, though standard and what some might venture to call mundane, is made particularly spectacular in this collection. Now, if there is one thing everyone knows about fit and flair, it’s that it is wildly flattering on virtually any body type, but if that isn't reason enough to splurge, the new collection is designed to be worn congruously, making each piece mix and match foolproof. This summer, Splash boutique is excited to announce they will be carrying the best of Alexis’ summer staples.

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