Beach Accessories from the Beach People Will Get You in that Summertime Frame of Mind

It’s finally okay to step outside without wearing layers and your thickest outerwear. The days where the brilliant sunlight warms your face and shoulders are becoming more and more plentiful. Before you know it, spring will be over and summertime will have arrived. Until then, whether you have spring break, an early vacation, or just some unseasonably warm weather in your area, it’s never too soon to get ready. By shopping the collection of beach gear from the Beach People and hydrating oils from Ligne St Barth, you’ll be in a summertime frame of mind.


Is your beach towel collection looking a little less than stellar? No problem. The Beach People make some of the hottest towels under the sun, like the Paradis towel. The designer personally hand-drew the design, which is a tropical and pleasant white and blue diamond pattern with wavy lines throughout. You’ll almost feel like you’re looking at the ocean when you wrap this circular towel around yourself. The machine-washable towel measures 150 millimeters, making it easy to wash, grab, and go.


The Santorini towel is a good accompaniment to the Paradis option above. This circular towel boasts a deep navy blue and white color scheme as well; this one is mostly blue with white lined diamonds throughout. Matching blue fringes along the edges add some pretty appeal. This cotton towel is also 150 millimeters.


If you don’t exactly love blue, that’s okay. The Beach People still have you covered with their Dream Time towel, a circular cotton beauty in black and white. The pattern on this is wild, with diamonds, flowers, dots, arrows, and more all beautifully arranged into a large circle. This towel has the same measurements as the others and also has black fringes. Finally, there’s the Montauk towel in more delicate hues like white, gray, and blue. This woven towel measures 150 millimeters with white fringes.


When you go to the beach, you’re of course going to want to work on your tan while also protecting your skin. Oils from Ligne St Barth make this easy. The avocado oil is not only good for skin, but your hair too. Ingredients include vitamins, lipids, and essential acids. If you have skin problems, this oil won’t exacerbate them since pores remain open. The roucou oil is especially useful for getting that golden complexion you’ve been dreaming of. With ingredients like coconut oil and corn oil, just slather this SPF 4 lotion on and by the end of the day, you’ll look like a beach goddess.


If your skin is feeling a bit parched after spending all day in the salty ocean, rub on some of Ligne St Barth’s coconut oil. This is especially good for your hair, which won’t be crunchy or tangled when you apply some of this oil on a comb and then brush. This can also be used on the skin. Make sure to get these great beach accessories before the summertime rush. You can only find the Beach People towels and Ligne St Barth oils at Shop Splash.

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