Thank Your Lucky Stars (and Stripes)

fourth of july collage

We all know those holidays-the ones who always promise much more than they can deliver. Remember that News Years kiss you "just knew would happen" and never did? Or what about that valentines day card you never got? I really hate to bring up the lousy memories but you can thank your lucky stars (and stripes) that the fourth of July, is certainly not one of those holidays. It truly is one of good memories; one of fireworks, and hotdogs, and a passionately devoted color scheme. I mean, really, what's more fun than prancing around in your newest, wildly festive bikini, and watching fireworks with your closest friends. Us woman- who have gotten pretty steadfast reputation for expressing ourselves via sartorial elements- should take advantage of this holiday, whose undying color scheme administers the perfect opportunity for expressive dressing. Having said that, what's the fourth of July, without a brand new bikini? It's almost like reliving that smooch-less new years all over again. We here at Splash, are proud to announce that we are available to cater to of your patriotic swimwear needs with a 40% discount. Whatever your bbqing, firework-watching plans may consist of, we've got the perfect red, white, and blue for you. Brands like Indah, Amuse Society, and Wildfox are whole heartedly dedicated to providing all of your 4th of July needs. Whether those needs include ripped jeans (see image above), bikinis, tank tops or accessories, Splash has it all. Last but not least, for a limited time only, all sale items are discounted for an additional 40% off! Head in to our store or shop online, for all things fourth, and for special sale prices!

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