Duo Pearl iPhone X
Duo Pearl iPhone X
Duo Pearl iPhone X

Duo Pearl iPhone X

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The new “it-girl” has entered the room. Good lighting is essential to looking your best. The Duo provides front and back facing lights for creating all types of mobile photos and videos. Whether you are shooting a video, facetiming, or just aiming for the perfect selfie, the bright, high-quality light on the Duo balances out uneven, unflattering back-light, making you the focus. Simple and easy to use, it is a mobile lighting studio at your fingertips. Plus, it is strong and influencer approved! #LightingIsEverything

Strong Protection + Soft Rails For Easy Removal

Studio Lighting-30 Minutes of Full Brightness

Variable Dimmer With Tapering Light Technology

Durable Finish

Rechargeable Battery

Pass-Through Wireless Phone Charging

Wrist Strap Included

One Year Limited Warranty

The Original and Authentic Patent Protected Selfie Case.

Only Compatible with the iPhone X